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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in Australia

Disclaimer: This DBT site is intended for Australian audiences. Information is general in nature and should not be relied on for diagnosis or treatment. You should consult a mental health professional for advice on your particular problems and the most appropriate treatment options.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of all the below information. You will need to make your own enquiries to determine the nature of services currently offered and expertise of therapists. You will also need to make your own enquiries about the nature of DBT services offered (eg. Groups and/or individual DBT).

Clinical Psychologists - Sydney, NSW

Parramatta & Blacktown

Peter J. Allen & Associates - Clinical Psychologists

Individual & Group DBT depending on demand, Schema Therapy, CBT.

(02) 9621 7775

Medicare rebates apply for both individual and group therapy with appropriate referrals.

Public BPD Services NSW (May not all use DBT)


Private Clinical Psychologists throughout Australia

We recommend you try the “Find a Psychologist” link at www.findapsychologist.com.au


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